Jake Kellum


Class: Survivor

Reputation: 4

Physical: 4

People: 3

Savvy: 3

Attributes: Medic, Rage

Inventory: BA Pistol, Baseball bat (2 HW), Combat Knife (1 HW), Food, Medical Supplies House, Pickup truck


Army veteran Jake Kellum served two tours in Afghanistan as a combat medic, returned home find a country in the grip of social turmoil and the rising threat of HRV. Trying to rebuild his life from his hometown of Hope’s Bend, Kellum soon finds himself in the middle of a terrible struggle.

Week 1: Zed! A weekend meetup with friends goes horribly wrong an Jake is forced to confront the infected and loses a friend.

Week 2: Robbery! While attempting to get home after work, Jake and a coworker quickly dispatch a zed, only for police to arrive and the situation to spiral out of control. At this point Jake is a citizen no more and decides quickly that survival is going to take a lot of work. He brushes up on his skills (+1 Savvy).

Week 3: Jake decides it’s now or never.

Jake Kellum

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